Chris Phillips

Name: C. Phillips Flooring

Meet Chris Phillips, the founder of C. Phillips Flooring. With a strong background in customer service and exceptional skills as a flooring installer, Chris ensures that every new flooring installation is a top-notch experience.



About Installer

Chris graduated as the valedictorian from the prestigious Flooring Installation Program at NBCC Moncton, receiving accolades and an academic achievement award for his exceptional performance. During his work placement, he had the opportunity to connect with a seasoned veteran installer who recognized Chris’s potential and decided to hire him as well as serve as his mentor. This experienced professional boasts an impressive 35-year career in the field and has consistently maintained the highest standards of quality workmanship. Under his guidance, Chris imbibed these exacting standards, which are vividly evident in the results he delivers.

Furthermore, Chris’s passion for his craft amplifies the quality of his work. He derives immense satisfaction from each completed job, relishing the opportunity to make his clients happy. For Chris, work is not just a means to an end; it’s an avenue for personal fulfillment and a chance to showcase his dedication and pride in his craft.

contact details

Address: 535 Edinburgh Dr, Moncton, NB E1E 4E3

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FAQ About Installer

What is GIT?

GIT is Atlantic Canada’s technologically advanced innovative manufacturer wholesale center for Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Composite Decking, Composite Fencing, Click Lock Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Trim, Siding, Aluminum Composite Panels, and more. We provide reliable deliveries to assist with your requirements, enhanced by our years of leading-edge manufacturing technology, which gives us superior quality value products.

What is a GIT Certified Installer?

GIT Certified Installers are reputable and high-quality contractors knowledgeable in the installation requirements of GIT products. They use methods that are compliant with the GIT product specifications, demonstrate competency in installing the products, and have demonstrated experience in flooring installation practices.

How can I purchase products from a GIT Certified Installer?

You may purchase GIT products from a GIT Certified Installer simply by visiting our website at:, select from the available products, and then write down the following:

1. Collection Name, 2. Product Name and 3. GIT # (i.e., 1. Kate Collection 2. Elm 3. GIT1003 and 1. Summerville Collection 2. Beach 3. GIT1001).

Then send your choices to the GIT Certified Installer of your choice/area via our website.

What Products do GIT Certified Installers sell?

GIT Certified Installers sell all of our warrantied, high-quality flooring and decking products to their customers. For a complete and up-to-date list of our currently available products, please visit our website at: