GIT is proud to be serving Canadians with building materials that they can feel good about. Both smart and stunning, our luxury vinyl plank, laminate flooring, composite decking, and ACM panel, uses our leading-edge manufacturing technology for superior quality. Designers and homeowners admire our colour and design choices.

Years of extrusion process experience has shown us how to engineer quality Vinyl Plank Flooring, Decking and Siding which is further enhances by our turnkey design built manufacturing operations.


SPC Core flooring Planks Vs WPC flooring Planks

December 14, 2022
There are lots of information available about plank floorings. This can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to both builders, architects, and interior designers. If you are building a multi-unit, house or have plans to do so, keep reading below. ...


October 13, 2022
Flooring is important to builders and homeowners who are concerned with design and durability. The right decision of choosing a proper flooring product creates a positive reputation for builders, and at the same time makes homeowners feel comfortable and safe in their investment. Flooring is a common building material that can be seen daily, so it is essential to choose flooring that looks great and makes homeowners feel good! ...

What is the best Composite Decking?

August 25, 2022
If you own a home with a beautiful back yard with a swimming pool or a hot tub outside, or if you own an apartment with a nice terrace, or if you are a business owner and would like to let your customers enjoy the fresh air outdoors, you probably need some amenities that will make your property more inviting. They must be made of quality materials and be affordably priced and long-lasting. Decking products can be the best solution to a variety of outdoor projects, but the question is what type of decking product works best for your project? ...

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