Incentive Program Terms and Conditions

GIT Canada Holding Inc.
Incentive Program Terms and Conditions


The GIT Incentive Points Program (the “Program”) is a loyalty reward program that is operated by GIT Canada Holdings Inc. (“GIT”). The Program operates through the GIT Website (the “Site”). In joining and/or participating in the Program, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Program outlined below.

You can enroll in the Program by signing up on the Site.
If you to update its information after sign up, you must notify GIT by phone or email.

Once you have enrolled in the Program, you will earn 1 incentive point for every $100 spent on eligible purchases from the Site.

The above noted rate of accumulation may be changed by GIT at any time without further notice. Only one enrollment is permitted per customer.

Once incentive points have been issued they will be shown on your account page.

Incentive points are non-transferable.

Incentive points are automatically reduced to zero at the time a customer’s account is terminated, closed, or upon their death, or at the time of their bankruptcy, or if the customer has not earned or redeemed incentive points in 12 consecutive calendar months, and no credit of any kind will be given to the customer at any such times for unredeemed incentive points.


Incentive points are redeemable at the rate of $1.00 per 1 incentive point (for example, 100 incentive points has a redeemable value of $100.00).

No incentive points will earned on purchases made using incentive points.

Incentive points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other promotion or discount offered by GIT.

As per applicable tax legislation, GST, PST, HST and any other taxes are calculated and payable by the customer on the full amount of the purchase price before any reduction for the amount of the incentive points redeemed.

To redeem incentive points, you must follow the instructions provided at checkout on the Site.

At that time, your incentive points balance will be reduced by the number of incentive points redeemed. Incentive points can be redeemed in an amount only if the required number of incentive points exist in your account prior to the purchase/redemption taking place. Incentive points may only be redeemed by the customer who is the registered customer of the account holding the incentive points. Redemption can only take place if the incentive points server is fully operational and your account is in good standing with the Program.

GIT may add, delete or substitute products and services eligible for incentive point redemption at any time without notice.

Incentive points have no value except as applied towards the purchase of goods offered for sale on the Site and are not exchangeable for cash. Incentive points cannot be sold or purchased and are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.

By redeeming incentive points, you shall be deemed to have automatically released GIT and its agents, employees and assigns from any and all liability and/or claims regarding the redemption and the use of the incentive points and any loss or damage caused by goods and services supplied as incentive points. GIT will not be liable in any way for any tax consequences which results to a non-Canadian resident as a consequence of participating in the Program.


The Program may be terminated at any time with 90 days’ notice to customers. Any points unredeemed upon program termination will become null and void and have no value as of the termination date. Notice of termination shall be posted by GIT on the Site and shall be sent to all customers by email at the email address provided by the customer. GIT is not responsible for incentive points that become null and void as a result of failure of customer to become aware of notice.

If events beyond GIT’s control affect GIT’s ability to operate the Program, the Program may be suspended or terminated without notice, and GIT may restrict or alter any aspect of the Program without notice at any time and for any reason, and in the event any of the foregoing occurs GIT will have no liability whatsoever to any customer as a result thereof. GIT shall be automatically released from all claims by customers in respect of any customer’s suspension, termination, or any forfeiture of incentive points, or in respect of any alteration, suspension or termination of the Program.

GIT is not responsible for any errors or omissions of any kind, whether in these Terms and Conditions or as the result of any mechanical or technological failure or whether as the result of any human error whether by GIT, its employees and agents or by any other person.
These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to be amended only when an authorized revision of these Terms and Conditions is placed on the Site.

For Quebec users: Where required by law, GIT will send you a written notice of changes, not more than 90 days and at least 60 days prior to the effective date of the change, setting out the amended terms and the date of the coming into force of the amendment.


The Program shall be governed by the laws of New Brunswick and the laws of Canada applicable therein. Any disputes regarding the Program or in any way arising out of membership in the Program, shall be submitted to the courts of New Brunswick whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear such disputes. All dollar amounts referenced in these Terms and Conditions refer to Canadian dollars.


GIT is committed to respecting your privacy and to collecting, using and disclosing our customers’ personal information in a responsible manner and in accordance with the applicable law. Personal information is information that may be used to identify a customer such as a customer’s name, title, gender, phone number, email address or mailing address. Most of the information provided by customers on the Program registration form, online registration fields or to the GIT customer service representative to join the Program will constitute personal information. Please visit our Site at for our full privacy policy.

By participating in the Program, you are consenting to the collection and use of your personal information for the purposes described in these Terms and Conditions.

A commercial electronic message sent to you by GIT is based on your prior consent or is otherwise sent in accordance with applicable laws.

You may revoke your consent and have your information removed from our mailing lists at any time by contacting Kate G.S. at Please be sure to include “Kate” in the subject line of the email.