Laminate Flooring

Installation Manual

Tools required to install GIT laminate flooring:

Miter saw with sharp blade
Table saw with sharp blade
Jig Saw
Tape Measure and Pencil
Rubber Mallet
Tapping Block
Pull Bar
Combination Square
Sliding T Bevel
Cutting knife
Spacer Kit


It is the responsible of the installer to do the final inspection of all the product before beginning the installation. The laminate should be inspected for color, finish, sheen, and shipping damages. Should any defects be present contact you dealer immediately. Once the laminate has been installed it is considered accepted.


GIT laminate is required to acclimate prior to installation. To acclimate store boxes, flat and level in the area to be covered.


GIT Laminate cannot be installed over existing flooring or carpet. Ensure that the sub flooring is clean, dry, level and structurally sound. Variations in floor should not exceed +- 2mm in 2m. GIT laminate flooring requires an underlay. It is recommended to use GIT underlay with all laminate installations. When installing over concrete or ceramic floors an undelay is required to insulate and act as a moisture barrier.

Follow instruction on the underlay.


Decide the direction of the GIT laminate planks. A recommendation would be to install parallel to the longest wall.
Use a suitable compound to fill fix sub floor cracks
Never glue GIT laminate planks
Remove threshold baseboards and existing flooring if required.


1)Place laminate plank so that the tongue is facing the wall 6mm or ¼ inch from the wall. Use spacers between the wall and the plank.
2)Lay the next board interlocking with the first end to end folding down so it locks together. Use spacers where require.
3)The last board in the row should be 6mm 1/4 inch from the wall to allow for expansion and at least 16cm or 7 inches in length
4) Measure the room and divide by the width of the plank. This will indicate the number of full width planks. It may be required to cut the last row of planks to fit. The last row should ever be under 5 cm or 2 inches
5)Use the end of the first row to start the second row provided it 30cm or 12 inches. If not cut a new plank to start the row ensuring that joints are 18cm or 7 inches.
6)Click planks together ensuring that they are the same height.
7)After the first three rows are installed use a chalk line to check that the rows are straight.
8) On the final row lay a plank upside down with the tongue touching the wall. Trace along the edge of the plank cut along this line the width of the plank. Insert the final piece against the wall.
9) Pipes require a hole to be drilled 12mm or ½ inch larger than the diameter of the pipe. Cut off a piece and install around the pipe.
10)When the laminate plank flooring is complete replace moldings to the wall leaving a small gap between molding and floor. Where the laminate meets other flooring use GIT T molding to cover exposed edges.


Clean all spills as soon as they happen.
Clean with a laminated floor cleaner. Apply cleaner to a clean pad never directly on the floor.
Use felt protectors under furniture and other product that are moved across the floor on a regular basis. Office chairs require chair matts.
Remove spills right of way with a dry cloth or sponge.
Do not use abrasive cleaners such as steel wool, wax, polish or detergents on you flooring.
Door mats outside the entrance are beneficial in collection sand gravel and other damaging substance from coming into contact with you laminate flooring.
Color fast non scratching area rugs an runners are recommended.


GIT Wholesale offers a Limited 20 year warranty on residential and a 5 year Limited warranty on light commercial installations of its laminate flooring. GIT Wholesale warranties the product to be free of defects in material and workmanship.