How Much Does Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Cost?

Designing your interior space is what will make you and other occupants satisfied with the house. You all value the interior design, and they are important as they represent you. You want them to be comfortable, convenient, and safe. These requirements are certainly met in the living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms which you spend almost half of your life there.

Although Furniture and Lighting are important to the house’s aesthetic, but they are not going to catch anyone’s eyes without a proper flooring. As we keep moving on with this material, you will find out that there is such an option as Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring which is being used in many houses as well. This type of flooring provides you with a similar look like a real wood flooring but when you go through its details, it becomes hard to notice.

But what makes SPC Core LVP so much better than the traditional LVP?

The main difference between these two types of LVP is the core layer that lies beneath the wear layer. In traditional lvp, you’ll find a vinyl core. This vinyl core can’t offer the same durability that SPC Core LVP offers, and it lacks in stability and sound insulation.

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) Core LVP takes the traditional vinyl plank to a whole new level with its solid stone plastic composite core layer. This core layer is made from limestone powder and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which gives it a more stable base. In addition to being more stable, this rock solid core is also environmentally friendly!

How Much Does SPC Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP) Cost?

To figure out how much a SPC core Luxury Vinyl Plank really costs, it’s necessary to understand the composition of SPC core Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP). SPC Core Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is composed of 5 different main components; The top layer, wear layer, covers the surface and protects the flooring, decorative paper provides a unique look and a soft feel underfoot, it can be a simple design or Embossed In Registered (EIR), and SPC core that is underneath decorative paper, click lock system that is part of SPC core and an underlay underneath SPC core.

There are various thicknesses of wear layer in the market, 10, 8, 16, 20 and 24 mil. The thinner the wear layer is, the more likely it is to scratch. Nowadays, you will choose the 20 mil thick wear layer because it is the optimized thickness of wear layer of SPC core Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (LVP). It will cost you a bit more, but what worth to you? If you are not considering durability and are not afraid of scratches made by pets and kids, then the best choice for your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are thinner wear layer. However, if you want a better solution that won’t suffer from constant scratches, SPC core LVP flooring with 20 mil thick wear layer will be the best choice for you.

Decorative paper is important to you as it allows you to have the color and look of flooring that you want. It can resemble marble, granite, wood, and even carpet. When you combine an EIR feature with decorative paper that looks like natural wood, you can achieve the look of real wood without the costs and damages associated with a hardwood floor.

SPC stands for ‘Stone Polymer Composite’, the heart of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. The core is waterproof and does not expand or contract due to changes in temperature which can cause warping or buckling. For this reason, SPC core (only the core) should be at least 3.5mm thick as recommended by the GIT engineers. Materials considered more eco-friendly to the environment and good for your health. Keep in mind that the total thickness of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring includes the wear layer, SPC core and underlay. There are different SPC core thickness in the market and thicker cores will cost you more, but thicker cores are sometimes necessary depending on the application.

The Click Lock system is a part of SPC core of Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring and it is helping to install flooring by snapping and locking them together. It decreases installation time and makes it easy to do it yourself. There are different kinds of click-lock licenses, so SPC core manufacturers must produce their click locks according to the specifications provided by the licensor.Some of the click-lock flooring systems are more efficient than others. They will save installation time and waste of the products. The strength of the clock-lock system depends on the quality and thickness of the SPC core. A contaminated SPC core will fail to provide a strong click-lock, while a thinner core means a weaker click-lock that is likely to break. Therefore, the click lock brand, quality of the SPC core and its thickness directly influence the price.

While other floorings—Laminate Flooring, Hardwood Flooring and Vinyl Flooring—need separate underlay that will cost you extra, SPC Core Luxury Vinyl Plank comes with an attached underlay. It’s available in three options, Cork Underlay, Eva Foam Underlay or Cross-Linked Polymer Underlay (CLPU) that give each vinyl plank its own price.

It’s not about how thick the underlay is, but about what the underlay is made of. EVA and cork are the least expensive kind, so you can refer to , and learn more about underlay. A thicker EVA would be no more expensive than a thinner cross-linked polymer underlay, it means using thicker EVA for your SPC flooring can result in a higher total thickness than while using cross-linked polymer underlay. Avoid this cost by using only 1mm cross-linked polymer underlay instead of 1.5mm of EVA.


SPC core luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is the most easy to install flooring product in the market. With the power of the click lock system, planks are snapping and locking together easily. You don’t need glue, and you can walk on them right after installation. SPC LUXURY FLOORING’s SPC core luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is the easiest flooring to install in the world. The planks are snap-and-lock together, eliminating the need for glue, and you can walk on them right after installation. The GIT Kate Collection installation manual can be downloaded at


We are speaking of a new technology in the flooring industry that has been sweeping North America over the last couple of years while it is becoming increasingly popular between consumers, realtors, home builders and others. Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Flooring both are handy to install but SPC Core Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is definitely the smartest choice as it perfectly combines both of them. You may be apprehensive about the cost of luxury vinyl plank flooring. This is understandable as you want to be certain you make the right decision. The good news is that with a little bit of research and reading this article, determining the cost is simple. All you need to do is find out which SPC flooring color best suits your needs, and you can have an idea of how much it would cost you to install one. GIT offers a range of SPC core luxury vinyl planks (LVP) in different colors, patterns, and textures. These durable and stunning products mimic the look of wood or stone flooring at a fraction of the price, so you can enjoy your home’s new look for years to come!

GIT SPC Core LVPs are all manufactured using the most advanced technology to bring you durability, comfort, and beauty. You can view some of our best-selling GIT SPC Core LVPs here on our website.

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