Benefits of Composite deck board

When you have a place to relax outside in your own backyard, you’re creating a space where you can spend quality time with those who matter most to you. Whether it’s just hanging out or playing games together, an outdoor space is an opportunity for everyone to get together in a place that’s comfortable and welcoming. Imagine a smooth-looking composite decks that often come to mind! There are many features of these materials apart from its aesthetic appearance. In fact, it would not be far from the truth if we say that Composite decking aesthetics is only one aspect of an even greater quality that comes with it. By understanding Composite Decking advantages better, we can easily understand why they are becoming very popular nowadays, so let’s look at how it differs from its competitors.

1. Maintenance


While the industry leaders realized the disadvantages of wood decking, polymer engineers began to research a product that could overcome these problems. They developed Composite Decking, a composite material made from wood polymer and resin. The manufacturing process begins by grinding the wood into chips, and then mixing in a synthetic resin. The mixture is then pressed into sheets by extrusion process using high pressure and heat. These sheets are then cut to size and sold as composite decking boards. This process creates a finish that is both scratch and impact resistant, meaning the wood will stay splinter-free and no paint needed for years to come, and its color does not fade when exposed to ultra-violet rays.

2. Durability


The time is always important in our life. We are not usually going to spend our time to repair around the house while we can spend for quality time with our family and friends, reading a book, or writing our stories. Also, we all manage the family budget and can’t afford to spend for the frequently maintenance or replacement. So, it is important that you find a good quality product which will last long. Composite decking is made of a composite that is impact and scratch resistant, and its color does not fade under the sun. This means the deck will still look good years from now when you want to sell your home. Composite Decking will never look worn or weathered and its durability is one of its most attractive features, it never needs painting or staining, and it ensures that your investment is well worth your while.

3. Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew

You won’t have to worry about mold, mildew or rot with composite decking board as it is anti-fungal, making it less likely to attract mold and mildew. Your children and pets can play on composite deck without fear.

4. Aesthetic

Composite decking is made through an extrusion process, which means the color is evenly distributed throughout the material. This means that when you cut a board, you’ll still see the same color of finish. Manufacturers also use special organic materials to protect the boards surface from scratches and impacts. This feature allows you to have a uniform color throughout your entire deck area. Composite Decking paint is much more realistic and natural than the hand-painted decking you might otherwise have for your wood decking. Also will not those unpleasant splinters, even when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions or years of use, so you never have to worry about having splinters in your skin while lounging by the pool.

Besides the above advantages, GIT's Composite Decking offers some additional benefits:
GIT's Composite Decking offers some additional benefits

5. High Density

High Density

One of the biggest benefits of composite decking is that it does not shrink due to lower temperatures. This means that if you live in a cold climate where temperatures drop below freezing, you’ll still have a sturdy deck that will retain its shape and integrity throughout the winter months. GIT produces its Composite Decking with high-density materials, which translates into a strong, long-lasting product that is not compromised in quality.

6. Double Sided Color

Double Sided Color

Many deck builders are using their initiative and creating designs with different colors. The GIT Composite decking is offering a double-sided color scheme, which means reduced delivery fees and builds time for customers. Double-sided color printing can reduce inventory costs and warehouse space requirements for the retailers since they need only store half as two colors.

7. Starter Plank

Starter Plank

While the benefits of composite decking are widely known, one of the most popular types of composite decking is starter plank. This type of decking curves along the edge and provides a smooth and safe edge. It is often used at the end of patios, decks and stairs. When installed properly, starter plank composite decking can give you many years of use. It’s also a great way to add visual appeal to your project while making it easier to get on and off your deck or patio.

8. Clips and Screws

Clips and Screws

When you purchase composite decking boards, make sure to purchase the right screws and clips to match. Different types of composite decking require different types of fasteners. For example, our company offers a variety of screws and clips for use with our solid core composite decking boards. These fasteners are designed to be used with our solid core decking boards, and they may not work with other brands. We at GIT wholesale offer stainless steel clips and screw and stainless-steel starter clips for the starter planks. These clips are ideal for locking your planks together. The clips and screws are made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and corrosion-free. It also has a star head that makes it easy to install, even in tight spaces.

Composite decking has value for homeowners, because it is both appealing to the eye and comfortable to use. It can transform your backyard into a memorable place where you can relax with your family and friends or enjoy some time alone, knowing that other people will envy your home’s beauty.


Composite decking has value for homeowners, because it is both appealing to the eye and comfortable to use. It can transform your backyard into a memorable place where you can relax with your family and friends or enjoy some time alone, knowing that other people will envy your home’s beauty. Composite decking is commonly used for outdoor structures such as backyard decks, pool sides, around hot tubs, porches and patios inside and outside commercial properties. Composite decking is safe for children and pets, and once you have it you will be glad you made that decision.

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