What is deck and its usage?

Composite decking

Decking is a construction platform generally attached to the exterior of a house or other buildings. Decks are made from treated lumber, composite lumber, bamboo, concrete and plastic.

They are often exposed to the elements and can consist of a flat platform with rails. Decking is most commonly used for walking, and more specifically, for accessing a person’s home from ground level such as a patio, basement or carport.

Deck from the outside and inside can be seen as a piece of art, it is a platform for comfort, relaxing and entertaining.

A deck should be considered an investment when it comes to the value it adds to the aesthetics, view, and enjoyment of the home.

Two Most Common Decking Materials

Composite decking

Deck materials have came a long way and as a result, homeowners now have a wide selection of materials from which to choose.

To make a note, homeowners are likely to spend weeks, if not months, researching deck materials until they finally decide on the one that best fits their budget and requirements. The choice of material depends on cost, durability, whether it will be exposed to sunlight (stain or fade), climate and local availability, and are freestanding structures that give the flexibility to create a unique space.

There are two most commonly used decking types in the industry. The first is Wood Decking, and the second is Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Decking.

These are two totally different products which can vary vastly in price, style, species and quality.

It is important to get familiar with each type of decking, so you know which one fits best for you.

1. Wood Decking

Wood Deck

There’s a lot to know about wood decking options. This article is going to give you a basic rundown of some common wood materials used in the industry.

  • Pressure Treated Pine decking
Pressure Treated Pine decking

The pressure treatment process begins with untreated woods being transferred into the treatment cylinder, adding chemicals, and increase the cylinder pressure. The volume of pressure treated wood is dependent on the density and maximum size dimensions of the board. The cylinder will agitate and rotate to mix the chemicals within each board, ensuring thorough chemical and moisture penetration. wood decking is a common material used in many homes as wood is widely available and easy to source.

  • Red Wood Decking
Red wood decking

Redwood is referred to as the king of the south-coast woods. It was used primarily for decks and cottages. Some may be concerned about this material as it can chip or stain easily. It’s also expensive compared to other choices.

  • IPE Decking
IPE Wood

IPE, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is a wood species originally from South America, but also cultivated in many tropical countries and in Taiwan.

  • Cedar Decking
Cedar Decking

There are different species and grades of cedar wood decking. It comes in the form of reclaimed, tight-knot or western red grade, each with its own pros and cons.

Cons of wood decking

Cons of wood decking

Even though the structure of a wood deck is constructed to withstand certain types of weather, but it still requires regular maintenance and a significant investment.

Wood decks are traditionally constructed of a strong wood material, but they are not completely impervious.

Additionally, wood decks deteriorate and require specific cleanup procedures to remove mold and mildew.

The wood itself will be hurt by many substances like cleaners, stains or paint being applied without the right type of preparation and a topcoat afterward.

2. Composite Decking

Composite decking

In the modern life, people are spoiled with all the things they can get to be comfortable in their homes.

They are also spoiled with all the technologies they use to make their lives easier and less tiresome.

Composite decking has emerged as one of the most popular exterior building materials that is bring the experiment of the nature of aesthetic and comfort.

This type of material is being looked at by many homeowners because it provides them with a lot of benefits.

Composite decking is made of combination of wood powder and a polymer which is called Wood Polymer Composite (WPC), its veneer is resisting to scratched, ultraviolet rays, mold and mildew.

It is often coming with different length and width, but the optimum length of Composite Decking is 12 ft and 5.5 inches width.

Composite Decking is a premium material commonly used for exterior areas like decks, roof tops, and public sight-seen areas.

Because of its durability and aesthetic appearance, we expect more exterior areas to be replacing their wooden decking with composite decking within next few years.

Composite Decking has several advantages over wood decking when it comes to the exterior area.

The advantages of composite decking include longer life span, low maintenance, high return on investment and no splinters.

A Composite Decking is a durable product that can last you for years without needing to be repaired or replaced. This is great news if you want to avoid the hassle of fixing your deck every few years. The surface of a Composite Decking will not have splinters or rough edges over time.

This means that your children and pets are safe, so you don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves on the deck surface where there might be sharp edges.

Are you looking for the best composite decking in the market?

Are you looking for the best composite decking in the market

Many companies offer different types of Composite Decking, but our Solid Core Composite Decking is different than others.

We offer high density products that won’t shrink due to climate change, and its surface has anti-slip function that will save your beloved ones from getting hurt.

GIT Wholesale Composite Decking is double-sided color and comes in two colors, Teak and Cherry, it’s an economical choice as customers get to have a choice of two colors. GIT Composite Decking engineered with an uncompromising philosophy and created to be suitable for all climates, and it will not rot, split or warp like wood, and offers color that is designed to last.



GIT Wholesale Composite Decking accessories (to be used with our composite decking products) are made by the same team that designs and engineers our composite decking. The clips, starter clips, and screws are made from steel, so they are durable and strong.

They are designed to fit together with all our composite decking products to ensure a smooth installation process.



With endless options for composite decking, it can be hard to choose what’s right for you.

At GIT wholesale, we are committed to provide our clients with quality products that will last longer, and we know you’ll love them.

Our composite decking GIT1083 is available in two different colors, and we even offer a hidden fastener system that creates a beautiful, seamless surface.

If you are looking for low-maintenance decking, you’re in the right place; the maintenance requirements for our composite decking are minimal, so you can enjoy your outdoor area without all the upkeep.

Our unique combination of reclaimed wood and plastic (WPC) creates a product that is truly eco-friendly.

In addition, our decks retain their beauty over time and require no staining or painting, making them an ideal choice for busy homeowners looking to make the most of their time outside. There are many benefits to choose GIT Wholesale’s composite decking!

We asked several decking contractors across the country what they liked best about the decking products they use.

Every single one said the same thing. We’d love to know your opinion! What’s the best decking?

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