What is the best Vinyl Flooring for my project?

What is the best Vinyl Flooring for my project?

When people need a flooring material, they have different choices such as wood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, carpet and ceramic. Among these flooring products, as the popularity of vinyl flooring grew, contractors and architects sought the most ideal answer to the question of what kind of vinyl flooring would be suitable for your project. This article provides guidance that may help you decide more easily.

The History and Evolution of Vinyl Flooring

The History and Evolution of Vinyl Flooring

Traditional vinyl flooring is made of PolyVinylChloride (PVC) and some additives. It is made with an extrusion process that flattens the PVC and changes it into a sheet. The sheet can be cut with a guillotine or a laser machine. Traditional vinyl flooring is a soft material that can be used alone or with an underlay. The underlay usually used for traditional vinyl flooring is dry back that is a very thin black material under the vinyl flooring. Installing Vinyl flooring is a complicated job due to the fact that vinyl flooring can bend and break during the installation process. On top of that, you will need glue for vinyl flooring and the installer must follow a certain process for the installation so it can last as long as possible. Even though it is comparatively less expensive than other materials, it has some disadvantages including chemical glues that are used for installation, and the textured surface design wearing off due to rubbing and the sweeping movements of a broom, making it look ugly. When the temperature changes, vinyl flooring can contract and create gaps between the planks and the underlying subfloor. This allows water to penetrate through to the subfloor due to spilled water or leaking from the kitchen and bathroom.

Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) flooring

Wood Polymer Composite flooring is a mixture of a polyolefin resin and lower percentages of wood fiber. If you want to install your WPC flooring on top of a concrete slab, you should be aware that it will not be waterproof. Installing a vapour barrier underneath your WPC flooring can help protect it from moisture if you live in an area with high humidity or have a history of water problems in your home. WPC floors have been known to expand and contract over time. This can cause the flooring to crack at the seams if it is not installed properly or if there are gaps between boards when they are laid down flat side by side in rows across large spaces like bedrooms or living rooms where there is no room left over for expansion without creating large pockets between boards. This can lead to rotting over time as moisture builds up between the boards due to expansion. As WPC flooring is made of higher percentage of polymer, it is less impact resistant than SPC flooring. This means that homeowners should be careful when placing heavy furniture or appliances on it.

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Core Flooring

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Core Flooring is the newest generation of Vinyl Flooring that offers many benefits and eliminates all the drawbacks of traditional LVP and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). In this paper, we will explore the important features of SPC flooring and explain why it is superior to other types of flooring.

The Core

The SPC core is made of a natural mineral powder mixed with vinyl, and it’s the heart of SPC flooring. The minerals give the flooring its strength and durability while retaining flexibility and elasticity, and the vinyl component helps to keep the core from breaking down over time by preventing water from entering the core. SPC core is 100 percent waterproof which means that it will not let the floor create any kind of damp or musty smell or cause mold to grow, and this feature even makes it a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where you need to be sure that water doesn’t damage the flooring.

Click lock System

The first advantage of SPC core flooring over other types of luxury vinyl planks (LVP) is that it does not require any glue or adhesive to install. This means that you can easily remove it if you want to change its colour or replace it with another style later on. The SPC core luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (LVP) boasts an efficient click lock system which is an integral part of the flooring and allows for quick and easy installation. The click lock system design creates a secure floor and prevents water from penetrating the subfloor.


SPC core flooring also features a built-in underlayment that makes installation much easier than other types of floors. The underlay is attached to the SPC core, and it takes the hassle out of finding flooring underlay. Various types of underlay for SPC cores are available on the market, including cork and EVA however, cross-linked polymer underlay is the latest type developed based on today’s technology. SPC Core luxury Vinyl Plank flooring’s Cross-linked polymer underlay is mold- and mildew-resistant, thereby avoiding unpleasant infestations, and it provides a comfortable cushioning in addition to absorbing sound.

Wear layer

It’s important to have a durable floor because it can save you $ in the long run by reducing maintenance costs or extending the life of your building; the longer your floor lasts, the less often you’ll have to replace it or pay for repairs. SPC core flooring durability refers to how long a flooring material will last before it needs replacing. It is determined by many factors, including its composition, the way it is installed, and the care it receives once installed. The flooring industry uses a system to measure durability for SPC core luxury Vinyl Plank flooring (LVP) that is called wear layer thickness. SPC core flooring wear layer is the protective layer that preserves the decorative paper and its color from scratches, scuffs, scrubbing, and other damage. Wear layer thickness determines the durability of floor coverings, and the optimized wear layer for SPC core luxury vinyl plank flooring is 20 mil or 0.5mm.


At first glance, the SPC Core Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring seems to provide many beneficial features for a variety of home and business owners. It is also available in a number of finishes and textures that include oak, maple, rustic bark, marble, granite tile and bamboo depending on your preference. SPC core LVP flooring makes installation easy, has an attractive appearance, and is durable. That’s why more and more people choose this kind of flooring for their homes and commercial properties like office, hotels and restaurants. SPC core LVP flooring is easy to install, comfortable to stand on, and offers long-lasting durability. That’s why it’s a popular choice for many homes and commercial properties like offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. AT GIT Wholesale, we offer a wide variety of colors and thicknesses available for immediate shipping. (In Stock Program)

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